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Piano Synth Buying Guide – What To Look For When Buying a Synth
Purchasing a piano synthesizer has become a difficult task these days. There is intense competition among quality manufacturers and choosing the best from the plethora of offers available requires great amount of research and analysis. That is why most people have been eagerly looking for piano synth buying guide to solve... Read more
Digital Piano Buying Guide
Buying a digital piano is a difficult as well as a delicate task, especially if you have no ideas about pianos. A digital piano uses digitally sampled sounds, speakers and amplifiers instead of hammers and strings. For some people, digital pianos are preferred choices over acoustic pianos because of... Read more
Beginner Guitar Scale and Chords
I recall when I was little and started learning to play the piano, all I learned for the first ‘many’ lessons were scales.  Oh! how I loathed practicing scales!  I seemed to be going to lessons for weeks and weeks and in spite of everything couldn’t play a song,... Read more
Using an Electronic Guitar Tuner
Often people will ask, how hard is it to learn how to teach yourself guitar.  Well I found playing the guitar was so much easier than tuning the guitar. In the beginning it would take me almost half my practice time to get my acoustic guitar in tune.  Then I... Read more
Five Tips To Learn Guitar Faster
When deciding to learn any style of guitar, perhaps the most important thing to get to grips with is learning how to learn. That means applying certain strategies and methodologies when you sit down to practice. By working these basic tips into your routine, you’ll greatly accelerate your learning... Read more
Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
Selecting the best acoustic guitar string may seem a rather daunting task. What material should you use, what gauge to select, which manufacturer? So first things first. What kind of acoustic guitar do you have? Is it a classic guitar or a Western acoustic?  If you have a classic... Read more
What Do You Need To Learn The Electric Guitar?
Sometimes people ask me what it takes to learn the guitar.  Usually this question comes about because they’re curious about what equipment they might need, although my experience teaching guitar has shown that what students have on the inside is far more important than what guitar they play.  The... Read more